Monday, June 13, 2011

Connective Tissues and Egg Sandwiches

The first of June brought the last pickups that we'll need to shoot (hopefully). A skeleton version of our crew reunited for a few days to grab bits and pieces of things that we missed, had to cut for time during principal photography, or that we discovered we needed to fill a gap. There was really only one short scene that we decided to re-shoot. The rest were the equivalent of narrative tendons and ligaments for added support.

Day 1, we needed some additional pre-dawn footage for our opening woods sequence plus the never-ending collection of the 3Fs (flora, fauna, and fungi b-roll). Now, Forager's fearless Director of Photography Jon Nastasi was locked and loaded for a 4am call time. I think the promise of a truly outstanding egg sandwich at The Palisades Market on 9W was the real dealmaker--and it didn't disappoint.

[As filmmakers who came up in Austin, it seemed unfathomable to go into production without breakfast tacos--the cheap, delicious, and substantial morning staple that fuels film crews of all sizes across the State of Texas. We soon were introduced to the Northeast regional equivalent: the egg sandwich. Typically, a humble Kaiser roll, bagel, or croissant with egg, cheese, and optional meat substance (Taylor ham anyone?). While it'll never supplant the breakfast taco in my heart (literally, figuratively), I've come to appreciate the form on its own terms. And the best part for feeding hungry crew-folk is that you can find a serviceable egg sandwich at obscenely early hours, just about anywhere in the region. From a corner bodega on Staten Island, to a 24-hour gas station in the Bronx, to a swanky little micro-bakery in the Hudson Valley. And you can't always tell from the decor when you're going to hit a truly brilliant iteration.]

Day 2 of pickups was a return to the woods of Putnam County for a few daytime and nighttime exteriors. Our sound guru Jeremy Fleishman returned from the comforts of Pittsburgh to join us. The highlight was that we grabbed a beautiful new opening shot for the film that we're all totally in love with. Half by design and half by happy accident. I can't wait to see it in the cut.

Day 3 started back in NJ with a trip to Newark's Iron Bound. Julia had the idea to add a brief scene in a neighborhood coffee house. We had been by Café Opção several times and loved the way it looked. The owners and staff were incredibly gracious to work with us and let us shoot in their gorgeous space. (A thousand thank yous!). After another short scene in the neighborhood outside our friend Amy Brown's apartment
(thanks Brownie!), we moved on to grab a quick shot back on Staten Island. Then we finished the day with some driving footage along the scenic NJ Turnpike.

Day 4 was a half-day in the sound studio (at MetroSonic in Brooklyn) recording voice-overs and ADR phone dialog.

That brings us pretty much up to date. We're moving into the fine cut, working on a trailer, and continuing with time-lapses.

Thanks to master producer Kit Bland for helping to wrangle all the moving parts and for hosting us in his lovely abode. And thanks again to our cast and crew, old and new, for making the necessary connections happen. Onward!