Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Video Alert!

We've got a brand spanking new video up on our project page at United States Artists. And we pulled out all the stops--time lapse, dioramas, new footage, and...well, just take a look.

We're under 20 days remaining in our post-production campaign. Every dollar helps. And we've got some cool thank you gifts--t-shirts and bags featuring our popular woodcut morel logo, DVDs of the finished film, the Audubon mushroom guide for iPhones and iPads, and more.

Please donate if you can or help us spread the word. And thanks for your support!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Substantial news items abound!

Lots happening with Team Fungi these days. For every item we tick off the to-do list, we have to add three more. But lately it's the result of good things happening for Now, Forager

We've had a growing number of unsolicited requests for screeners from major festivals distribution/sales companies. We appreciate the interest and we're happy to know that we're starting to generate a little buzz. 

But the first substantial news item is that we're going to Poland! Now, Forager was one of seven features selected for the inaugural Gotham in Progress European sales market in Wroclaw, Poland next month. We are honored to be included. You you can read a little more about it from one of the jury members here

The second substantial news item is that I, your humble blogger and writer/co-director, have been named a finalist for a San Francisco Film Society Hearst Screenwriting Award for my script Lumberjunkies, which Julia and I are developing as our next project. 

The third substantial news item is that we have far surpassed our minimum fundraising goal at United States Artists. Thanks to a generous donation from an anonymous donor, our funding is now guaranteed. We're continuing to raise money for post-production through November 15th and we'll have a brand new video up on the site very soon. I'll post the link as soon as it goes live. Thanks so much again to all our donors.

And as an added bonus, another great press write-up, this one courtesy of MycoRant.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Interview with writer/co-director Jason Cortlund just posted the interview I did with "Mr. Fun Guy"

Many thanks to Toon and all your readers at Mushroom Palace for the support. 

Be sure to explore the whole website--it's really a cool and comprehensive look at all the different cultural intersections of fungi. From recipes, to foraging, to cultivation, to psychoactive properties. Good stuff!