Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Trailer and United States Artists Campaign

A flurry of activity here at Now, Forager headquarters. First, we've launched a new fundraiser campaign to help us get to the finish line--mixing, mastering, color correcting etc.  Check out our project page and get a look at our brand new trailer. (Props to Kevin Hoetger and Kyle Crusham for their original trailer score.) Please donate if you can and help us spread the word.

Austin Film Society will also be hosting Julia and I to show our current cut as part of their Narratives-In-Progress series. Open to all AFS members, but since space is limited they want folks to register in advance on their website.

I've posted a series of production stills on our Facebook page and I crossed over to the darkside last week and even joined Twitter (@NowForager). "Like" us, "Follow" us--whatever the kids are doing these days. We're out there. I promise we won't abuse the privilege with non-essentials.