Friday, December 30, 2011

World Premiere: Rotterdam

That's right. We have a world premiere. Now, Forager has been invited to screen at International Film Festival Rotterdam. They're saying the official lineup won't be released until January 19th (about a week before the festival starts). In the meantime, though, they sent me this snazzy little piece of artwork to share:
Tigers are very cool animals. And speaking of artwork, we're working finalizing on our official poster design (courtesy of Yen Tan and  OTTO IS THE ONE), revamping our website, and ramping up the publicity machine (including a nice shout-out in the Austin Chronicle's Film Flam column by Kimberley Jones).

Ah, yes. And we're also busily working to finish the film. Sound editor/designer Jeremy Fleishman is in town from Pittsburgh and crashing at Team Fungi HQ, getting us ready for our mix at Soundcrafter.

And producer/co-director Julia Halperin is headed back to Poland next week. Why you ask? Because we've joined forces with who have come on-board as a co-producer to help us finish the film. They saw our cut at Gotham-In-Progress last month and wanted to work with us on color correction and mastering at their facilities in Warsaw. The little mushroom movie is now officially an international co-production.

Lots more news to come. Lots more work left to do.